Workshops and Symposia

—  WORKSHOPS   —————————————————————————

SteamEd -- Worskhops for teachers Organizer with Vayu Maini Rekdal and Kathryn Hollar 

—   SYMPOSIA  ——————————————————————————

Jury member. Basque Culinary World Prize 2018, 2019. Basque Culinary Center, San Sebastián, Spain, June 2018, 2019. [link]

Co-organizer with Vayu Maini Rekdal and Kathryn Hollar. Approaches in Using Food&Cooking to Engage Diverse Audiences in Science. Symposium at 256th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston, MA, August 2018.

Co-organizer with Ole G Mouritsen and Roberto Flore. Gastro-Science-Chef. University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2018. [link]

Co-organizer. FoodDesign Symposium. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October 2017.

Co-organizer with Dorian Canelas and Layne Morsch. Advances in e-learning and online chemistry education, Symposium at 253rd American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2017. [session 1session 2, session 3]

Co-organizer with Dorian Canelas. Online chemistry education, Symposium at 251st American Chemical Society National Meeting, San Diego, CA, March 2016. [session 1session 2] [pdf]

Facilitator. Idea Exchange: Designing an Assessment for Learning, Conference by Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching, Cambridge, MA, September 2015. 

Invited participant. Learning Sciences and Online Learning Symposium, Boston, MA, June 2015. 

Organizer. Online chemistry education and the effect on the on campus classroom, Symposium at 249th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Denver, CO, March 2015. [link] [pdf]